Leading with learning: the Pluralsight way

Continuous learning is more than a value—it’s part of who we are. CTO Jody Bailey explains the importance of a learning culture and how Pluralsight reaches further every day. Learn more

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Come mob with us

Pluralsight believes in small autonomous teams. We continuously reflect and hold mini retrospectives to better ourselves. We practice test driven development (TDD), mob programming and pair programming. And we do these things in their entirety—all the time. When we mob, we leverage more brainpower, create better solutions and spend less time in coordination meetings. Most importantly, it helps us get early feedback. Come mob with us, and we’ll exchange ideas and learn from each other. Mobbing sessions typically last for two hours and are dependent on your schedule and the schedule of the team you’ll be working with.

These sessions are about collaborating in our process, rather than learning code or new algorithms. For that reason, mobbing (at least for now) is open to experienced engineers. Don’t meet this criteria? No worries! Come learn at a Software Craftsmanship Meetup and come say hello.

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